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F# Console Application Template

Carl Nolan has posted another great online template:
If you are like me and often use console applications for a variety of purposes you would have found the F# template not much use (in fact a blank code file). As such I decided to put together a more complete Project Template that I could use.

Tail calls in F#

Several people have asked for more information on how tail calls behave in F#.  This blog post will answer many frequently asked questions about tail calls, including why tail calls are important, how to identify them, and how the compiler generates code for them.

A New MSDN Forum For All Topics Related to F# Programming

I’m glad to announce that we’ve activated an MSDN forum for all topics related to F#.
We’re adding an MSDN form to the F# community mix because we know that a large proportion of the F# community strongly associate with the MSDN community and want F# to have a high presence amongst MSDN developers.

F# Team Opening: Software Development Engineer in Test

The F# team has a full-time position available for a Software Development Engineer in Test. Here is the link.
Please email if you are interested. You must also fill in the online forms to apply

Standard job title: Software Development Engineer in Test 2

Job posting title: SDET II

Profession: Engineering

Discipline: SDET

Location: United States,

Welcome to the F# Team Blog at Microsoft!

Hi all,
Welcome to the very first post to the F# team blog on MSDN!
As the world knows, the F# team loves blogging, even since Jan 2005, when F# was an MSR project. We’ve been discussing for a while now the idea of having an F# team blog. Since we all have our individual blogs,


We’ve Moved the Blog!

This blog has now moved to the .NET Blog here:
You can find F# blog posts with the F# tag as such:
See you there!

[Guest post] Visual F# Power Tools: community-led tooling for F# in Visual Studio

This is a guest post by Anh-Dung Phan and Vasily Kirichenko, F# community developers and contributors to the superb Visual F# Power Tools extension for Visual Studio.  – Visual F# Team
We are pleased to tell you about the Visual F# Power Tools,

Announcing the RTM of Visual F# 4.0

We are pleased to announce that Visual Studio 2015, and along with it Visual F# 4.0, hit RTM today! Visit the downloads page to install the release build. The F# components in VS 2015 map to commit dd8252eb8d20 in our repo.

Save the day with a Visual Basic, C#, or F# T-Shirt!

F# enthusiasts might be interested in this post on the .NET blog by program manager Anthony D. Green.

Mads and Dustin showed off these stylish little numbers at BUILD and ever since we’ve been getting pinged by community members wanting to know where they can get their very own so they too can show their passion for their favorite programming language(s).

Rounding out Visual F# 4.0 in VS 2015 RC

Today marks the release of Visual Studio 2015 RC, which includes the latest updates to the Visual F# 4.0 language and tools.  Download the RC here, and review the VS release notes here.
Back in November, we described the F# 4.0 features that were completed in time for the Visual Studio 2015 Preview build.

An open engineering birthday for Visual F#

One year ago today, we pushed the button to enable community contributions and fully open engineering for Visual F#. The F# language has been open source for years, centered around the F# Open Edition and, but this marked the first time that Microsoft’s Visual F# tools could accept contributions and do daily development in the open.

Visual F# has moved to GitHub

It’s official, the Visual F# project has moved from Codeplex to GitHub! Our new home is
This brings us closer to the longtime home of the F# Open Edition, addresses one of our top bugs, and puts us on the same hosting platform as other great Microsoft open source projects like .NET Core,

Toward a Visual F# 4.0 release

To the Visual F# Tools development community –
Over the past months, we have made an impressive amount of progress together on F# 4.0 and the next version of the Visual F# Tools.  There is still plenty of work remaining here.

Announcing a preview of F# 4.0 and the Visual F# Tools in VS 2015

Today, we are happy to announce a pre-release of F# 4.0 and the latest Visual F# Tools, for Visual Studio 2015 Preview. F# development tools are included in the box with the VS 2015 Preview download, but these bits were branched for stabilization some time ago,

Announcing the release of Visual F# Tools 3.1.2

We are happy to announce the availability of Visual F# Tools 3.1.2, the latest update to the Visual F# compiler and F# IDE tooling for Visual Studio.  You can download the installer package here.
Building upon Visual F# 3.1, and the first out-of-band update Visual F# Tools 3.1.1,