Jiachen Jiang

Product Manager, Azure Container Apps

Jiachen Jiang (they/them) is a Product Manager on the Azure Container Apps team. Previously, they were a PM on the .NET team and worked on products like NuGet, Entity Framework, and ASP.NET.

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How to deploy .NET Aspire apps to Azure Container Apps

Let's take a look at how you can easily deploy .NET Aspire Apps to Azure Container Apps with just a few commands with the Azure Developer CLI!

Announcing .NET 8 Preview 5

We're thrilled to announce .NET 8 Preview 5, featuring enhanced Metrics APIs, SourceLink integration, default Dynamic PGO, and Alpine ASP.NET Docker Composite Images.

Announcing .NET 8 Preview 3

.NET 8 Preview 3 is now available, with changes to build paths, workloads, Microsoft.Extensions, and containers. It also includes performance improvements in the JIT, for Arm64, and dynamic PGO.