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.NET 7 is Available Today

.NET 7 is a modern, fast, unified, and simple development framework to build any applications and is available today.

Announcing .NET 7 Release Candidate 2

.NET 7 Release Candidate 2 is the second of two release candidates that developers can now use in production. This post recaps major features included in the fastest .NET version to date.

Announcing .NET 7 Release Candidate 1

.NET 7 Release Candidate 1 is the first of two release candidates that developers can now use in production. This post recaps major features included in the fastest .NET version to date.

Announcing .NET 7 Preview 5

.NET 7 Preview 5 is now available with improvements to ML.NET and Generic Math, a new Roslyn analyzer and fixer for RegexGenerator and multiple performance improvements in the areas of CodeGen, Observability, JSON serialization / deserialization and working with streams.

Announcing .NET 7 Preview 2 – The New, ‘New’ Experience

.NET 7 Preview 2 is now available with enhancements to RegEx source generators, progress moving NativeAOT into the runtime, and a major set of improvements to the 'dotnet new' CLI experience.

Configuring Azure Services and emulators using Visual Studio

Starting with Visual Studio 16.6 Preview 2 the Connected Services tab offers a new experience called Service Dependencies. You can use it to connect your app to Azure services such as Azure SQL, Storage, Key Vault and many others. Wherever possible local emulation options are also available and more are planned for the future. (image) ...

Setting HTTP header attributes to enable Azure authentication/authorization using HTTPRepl

Posted on behalf of Ahmed Metwally The HTTP Read-Eval-Print Loop (REPL) is a lightweight, cross-platform command-line tool that's supported everywhere .NET Core is supported. It’s used for making HTTP requests to test ASP.NET Core web APIs and view their results. You can use the HTTPRepl to navigate and interrogate any API in the same...

HttpRepl: A command-line tool for interacting with RESTful HTTP services

The ASP.NET team has built a command-line tool called HttpRepl. It lets you browse and invoke HTTP services in a similar way to working with files and folders. You give it a starting point (a base URL) and then you can execute commands like “dir” and “cd” to navigate your way around the API: Once you have identified the API you are ...

Web and Azure Tool Updates in Visual Studio 2019

Hopefully by now you’ve seen that [Visual Studio 2019 is now generally available][1]. As you would expect, we’ve added improvements for web and Azure development. As a starting point, Visual Studio 2019 comes with [a new experience for getting started with your code][2] and we updated the experience for creating ASP.NET and ASP.NET Core projects to match:

Azure Hybrid Benefit for SQL Server

In my previous blog post I talked about how to migrate data from existing on-prem SQL Server instances to Azure SQL Database. If you haven’t heard SQL Server 2008 end of support is coming this summer, so it’s a good time to evaluate moving to an Azure SQL Database. If you decide to try Azure, chances are you will not be able to ...