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Agility SDK 1.711.3-preview: Work Graphs, Wave Matrix, AV1 Encoding

Hi everyone, Today we’re excited to announce the newest Preview Agility SDK v1.711.3 download; This SDK previews three new features for developers to discover.  First is Work Graphs, a new way for the GPU to create work for itself.  Second is Wave Matrix support, which allows developers to take advantage of dedicated silicon to speed...
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OpenGL® on DX12 enables STEEL ASSAULT to launch on Xbox

When we initially introduced our DirectX mapping layers, our goal was to enable applications written in other graphics APIs, including DX9, DX11 and OpenGL, to run on DirectX12 systems if a native driver is not available. We’ve written about the OpenGL mapping layer previously and how we developed it by contributing OpenGL on DX12 (GLon12) ...

Agility SDK 1.710.0-preview: GPU Upload Heaps and Non-normalized Sampling

We’re pleased to announce that we have a new preview Agility SDK out today, letting developers experiment with two new features: GPU Upload Heaps and Non-normalized Sampling!  Head to Agility SDK Downloads to grab it.  GPU Upload Heaps  Introduction Historically a GPU’s VRAM was inaccessible to the CPU, forcing programs to have ...
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