Azure Boards Ux Modernization – Public Preview


The team is excited to release the public preview of the Ux modernization for Azure Boards! The web platform has been updated to provide a faster Ux, consistency with other parts of the product, and accessibility compliance.

To opt-in to the public preview, in the preview features section toggle the feature named “New boards Hubs” to On.

Marketplace extension developers will want to preview the feature to ensure their extensions work with the new web platform.

The functionality remains the same. Below are examples of the new experience. Notice there are rounded corners and more space between rows. Please try the new experience and share your feedback.

Queries Hub

Image QueriesHub

Backlog View

Image BacklogViewNewHub

Kanban Board

Image KanbanBoardNewHub


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  • Tyler Higgins

    Two issues I found that caused our organization to roll back/turn this feature off:

    1) The vertical, 3-pane layout of fields on a work item is now forced to one single column on the left-hand side. This results in a lot of scrolling down to see all our fields and a lot of wasted/dead space on the right-hand side of the screen/work item.
    2) Certain field types no longer display the field title so you must open each picklist to remember what the fields are for.

    • William GlasMicrosoft employee

      Hi Tyler, are the issues you are referring to happening in the work item form?

  • Travis Johnson

    As others have said its good news to see these types of updates happening keep it up!

    One issue I’ve encountered is from sprint to sprint I use the planning section to drag cards between sprints. With the new experience turned on I can’t do that. Dragging the card over the intended sprint highlights the new sprint but nothing happens. The work items stay on the current sprint board and there are no events in the F12 console indicating it tried to move them. If I turn the new hub off that functionality returns.

  • Andrius Andrulevicius

    After turning the preview feature off I no longer can use sprints as it doesn’t show anything. When refreshing it shows information for a second and then the page is blank again

  • Michael Thomsen

    In the work item context menu (Backlog, Work item form etc) the actions added from extensions don’t show the icon anymore.
    I also have found more issues – where should we send them?

  • Cognard, Benjamin

    My main concern is about column sizes :these are way too big for any of my two screens for my usual boards to fit in. Would it be possible to have a setting somewhere to reduce their width and/or to adapt it depending on screen size?
    Also, I don’t understand why the first tag on each PBI is displayed bigger than the others, this is misleading and let think this tag is more important than others, which is not the case.
    At last, on boards, on PBIs that are not yet assigned, the assignment dropdown is not visible anymore, forcing us to open the work item to assign someone to it: more clicks = time loss.

  • Amazing Bharat

    Nice UX. Looks and feels great with windows 11 OS.
    Couple of problems noticed with the functionalities.
    Hierarchy relationship anniversary wishes error throws out with new preview feature on.
    There is same category hierarchy on this backlog.You cannot reorder work items and work item(s) 1385, 1477, 1494, 1451 are not shown.See work item(s) 1450, 1475, 1495, 1496, 1511, 1512, 1560, 1563 to either remove the parent to child link or change the link type to ‘Related’

    Additionally, the close button for removing the filter pane in boards/backlog is not operating.

  • Milan Zdimal

    In general I like the look. But I am growing increasingly impatient with the lack of product development in boards. So I really hope that this is a foundational step on which we’ll see more features being rolled out. If this isn’t foundational then I would really question why you’re worrying about rounded corners when there is a mountain of customer requests in the feedback forum and a number of boards roadmap items that have been getting kicked down the road for well over 2 years.

    • Veselina Andonova

      I agree. None functional update with a bunch of issues instead of a any of the functional requests, some of which might have been just as easy to deliver.

  • Kevin Weber

    I wish that you could make the Build Pipeline screen and the Release Pipeline screen look and function more alike. On the Build Pipeline the search is on the left and its on the upper right quarter of the screen for release pipeline

  • Veselina Andonova

    Another issue we are getting is that we lost the ability to do bulk item updates:
    We can still select multiple items, but than it cannot find any field to update and says “No item found” 🙁

  • Mike Falcone

    With the feature turned on, when sending an email from a work item, it allows you to enter recipients, however when the email is sent, the recipients are blank and the email only goes to the sender. This results in the user thinking they are emailing and notifying other users and they are not. This is causing service misses.