Liam Hampton

Sr. Regional Cloud Advocate, Microsoft Cloud Advocacy

Liam is a Senior Regional Cloud Advocate at Microsoft and an Auth0 Ambassador, passionate about DevOps, automation and Go. He is a tech blogger, IoT hobbyist and a Software Engineer with multiple professional cloud certifications. He loves sharing his knowledge and creating simple and concise content for others to learn from. When he is not writing code or presenting, you can find him exploring London's best eateries, studying different cultures, or jetting off to the next city on his travel list.

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How to build, test and deploy your application using Azure and GitHub

In this blog-tutorial you will: Note Using GitHub Codespaces can incur costs. At the time of writing this tutorial, GitHub free accounts get 120 core-hours of Codespaces compute and 15GB of Codespaces storage for free. Please do consult the GitHub Codespaces pricing page for the most up to date information. This application ...