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Principal Software Engineer, Visual C++

RIT class of 04

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Inlining Decisions in Visual Studio

Introduction My name is Terry Mahaffey and I work on the code generation team in MSVC. Lately I’ve been doing some work on our inliner and I wanted to give a brief introduction to it before later diving into some of the changes we’ll be shipping. Inlining is perhaps the most important optimization a compiler performs. In addition to ...

Visual Studio 2017 Throughput Improvements and Advice

点这里看中文版 As C++ programs get larger and larger and the optimizer becomes more complex the compiler's build time, or throughput, increasingly comes into focus. It's something that needs to be continually addressed as new patterns emerge and take hold (such as "unity" builds in gaming). It's something we're focusing on here in the...

New in VS 2015: Expanded PGO Options

We’ve blogged before about the benefits of Profile Guided Optimization. One of the biggest pieces of feedback we’ve received is that the instrumented binaries are too slow – making it very difficult to train certain classes of applications, such as games.This is something we’ve tried to address in VS 2015 – there ...
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New in VS 2015: /Zc:throwingNew

The C++  Standard defines operator new as failing by throwing an exception – not returning null. And indeed, this is the behavior in VC++, and has been for a number of releases. But it hasn’t always been this way. Back in Visual Studio 6.0, the compiler returned null on an allocation failure. Starting in VS 2002 we switched ...
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