Marc Goodner

Program Manager, C++

I am a Program Manager on the C++ team at Microsoft working on developer experiences for Azure Sphere, embedded, IoT, and Linux in Visual Studio.

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Announcing the VS GDB Debugger extension

Earlier this year I wrote a post on how you could debug C++ code on Linux from Visual Studio. It was a bit cumbersome, but it was doable. Today we are releasing the Visual Studio GDB Debugger extension preview. This will enable debugging remote Linux targets including IoT devices. To use this extension, you need to have Visual ...
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Debug C++ code on Linux from Visual Studio

As you may have heard, Visual Studio 2015 introduces GDB support for Android development. The interesting thing about the capability is that because it debugs using GDB, it’s possible to adapt the implementation to debug other targets that support GDB debugging as well (e.g. Linux and Raspberry Pi). In this post I will share the steps I ...
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