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C++ in VS Code: Getting Started & Configuring IntelliSense

Ever wondered how you can configure IntelliSense in the C++ Extension  in Visual Studio Code? Or the easiest way to run your C++ code? With the new features added to the C++ extension, configuring IntelliSense and setting up a project is easier than ever. This includes a “Getting Started with C++” walkthrough, configure IntelliSense ...

C++ Extension in VS Code 1.18 Release: Quick Fixes for missing header files, Extract to Function & More 

The 1.18 version of the C++ Extension in Visual Studio Code has been released. With this version of the extension, we have added several new features such as:    For the full list of changes, please reference the 1.18 release notes.   Quick Fixes for missing header files  Have you ever written C++ code and ...

C++ Extension in VS Code 1.16 Release: Call Hierarchy & more

The 1.16 version of the C++ Extension in VS Code has now been shipped. With this version of the extension, we are releasing one of our most upvoted GitHub feature requests – Call Hierarchy. We also added new functionality when creating declarations and definitions that allows you to copy the declaration/definition and specify its placement ...
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VS Code C++ Extension January Update: Create Definitions and Declarations

Starting with the 1.13.6 version of the C++ Extension in VS Code, we are happy to share a much requested feature: Auto creation of definitions or declarations for functions! You can now quickly create a declaration in a header file for a function you only have a definition for, or vice versa. These generated definitions and declarations ...
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