Abinav Rameesh

Program Manager, Azure Cosmos DB

Abinav is a Program Manager on Azure Cosmos DB - focusing on High Availability, the Cassandra API and MI offerings as well as customer success.

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Reduce TCO with Azure Cosmos DB for MongoDB

Azure Cosmos DB for MongoDB is a fully managed MongoDB compatible cloud database service. Built on top of a proprietary engine to provide scale, performance and availability guarantees, the service eliminates the operational overhead of running self-hosted MongoDB instances.   In this blog, we dig into seven specific reasons why total ...

Simplified Write and Read Paths in the Azure Cosmos DB Cassandra API

Azure Cosmos DB is a fully managed service which can be used as a backing data store for applications using Apache Cassandra, using the API for Cassandra. Built on top of Azure Cosmos DB, the Cassandra API provides scale, performance and availability guarantees while eliminating the operational overhead needed to manage Cassandra data. In ...

Simplified CDC with Azure Cosmos DB Cassandra API 

This blog post details the several ways in which Change Feed in the Azure Cosmos DB API for Cassandra makes consumption of row mutations significantly easier to use with much more flexibility, than Apache Cassandra's CDC (Change Data Capture) functionality.

Cost Optimized Metrics through Log Analytics

Azure Cosmos DB is designed for high throughput and low latency workloads, with the ability to serve millions of requests per second and billions of requests a day. In addition to seeking a scalable database that can serve massive volumes of traffic, users also look for granular server-side metrics for monitoring the health and performance of ...

Now Generally Available – Azure Cosmos DB Kafka Source & Sink Connectors

Explore the architecture of the source and sink Apache Kafka Connectors for Azure Cosmos DB along with their popular areas of usage.