TechEd Panel: VB XML Literals for C# Developers



This week TechEd Online posted the TechEd panel I was on with Erick Thompson and Shyam Pather of the SQL Data team. I thought it was a pretty funny panel description they came up with, ala Dr. Strangelove:

VB XML Literals for C# developers or: How I learned to stop worrying and love Dim
You dream in curly braces and end your sentences with semicolons. With Visual Studio 2008, you’ve seen the power that LINQ brings to your relational data. However, not all of your data is relational; a lot of it is XML. VB 9 introduced XML Literals, which drastically improve the LINQ to XML experience. However, if you are a C# developer, you may not be familiar with all the capabilities of XML Literals as they are only available in VB. This panel explores the uses of XML Literals and how you can leverage this powerful technology in your applications, even the curly braced ones. With Erick Thompson, Shyam Pather, and Beth Massi. Hosted by Richard Campbell and Carl Franklin.

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