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A while back I started posting a monthly rollup of interesting community happenings, content, samples and extensions popping up around Visual Studio LightSwitch. If you missed those rollups you can check them all out here: LightSwitch Community & Content Rollups.


Happy New Year, people! I have to admit it’s great to be back. After a wonderfully long holiday I feel refreshed and ready to kick 2014’s booty! This year Nick and I had our first Christmas in our new home and the “marrying” of both our families. No one got hurt so we think it was a success! 🙂

December is traditionally a slow month at Microsoft and a lot of folks on the team took vacation like myself. So because I was out for the last few weeks, I need your help with December’s content rollup. I’ve been trying to catch up, but I’m sure I’ve missed things that happened and content that was released. Post a comment below!

One thing I did notice, people watched a lot of videos in December… read on…

Visual Studio 2013 Launch Videos – views climbing!

Last month I mentioned the team released a couple videos for the Visual Studio Virtual Launch Event and that the new Cloud Business App project we introduced had some definite interest as that video topped the list with over 87K views. Just one month later, the views have almost doubled with over 172K! 

Andy also did another video on all the new LightSwitch features in Visual Studio 2013. If you missed them, here they are:

​Building Connected & Integrated Business Applications Using Office 365 Cloud Business App Project

Building Connected & Integrated Business Applications Using Office 365 Cloud Business App Project

With Cloud Business App projects, Visual Studio 2013 streamlines the process of building modern business applications for Office 365. In this video, you will see how developers can build social, touch-centric, cross-platform SharePoint 2013 and Office 365 business applications that run well on all modern devices.

What's New in Visual Studio 2013 for ​LightSwitch Applications        

What’s New in Visual Studio 2013 for ​LightSwitch Applications

In this video, we will build and deploy from end-to-end, a full-featured business app that runs in Windows Azure and provides rich user experiences tailored for modern devices. We will also highlight some of the new features added to LightSwitch in Visual Studio 2013.

Also make sure to download Visual Studio 2013 and watch the Keynote: Transforming software development in a world of devices and services (Skip to an hour and 30 minutes into the keynote and you’ll see Jay Schmelzer show LightSwitch in the new Cloud Business App project type.)

You can also read more about what’s new in our announcement post: Visual Studio 2013 Released – Thank You LightSwitch Community! Also check out the updated content on the Visual Studio LightSwitch Developer Center.


Xpert360 Releases HTML Themes and Screen Template Extensions Xpert360 Ltd Software Solutions Home

Xpert360 was busy in December releasing a couple cool extensions for use in your LightSwitch HTML clients and Cloud Business App projects:

A collection of advanced web page templates for LightSwitch HTML Client Apps and Cloud Business Apps. Professionally designed by LightSwitch experts to deliver true RAD. Generate enhanced screens and code in seconds from a comprehensive range of configurable screen designs.

Professionally designed themes for Visual Studio LightSwitch HTML Client projects and Cloud Business Apps. The themes are based on jQuery Mobile 1.3.2 which is the target platform for LightSwitch MobileWeb client apps in Visual Studio 2013.

These extensions are bundled into their AIDE for Visual Studio. See their website for more information. Thank you Xpert360!

More Notable Content this Month

Did I miss anything significant? Post a comment below!

Extensions released this month (see over 100 of them here!):

Samples (see over 100 of them here!):

Team Articles:   

Community Articles:

Thanks everyone for your awesome contributions in December – I’ve also included a lot of stuff posted this week. Also a big “WELCOME BACK!” to Jan van der Haegen who’s back to blogging about LightSwitch. Glad to have you back, Jan!

Forum Answerers

Thanks to all our LightSwitch forums contributors! Thank you for helping make the LightSwitch community a better place. It’s selfless dedication like this that makes our community rock.

Top 10 forum answerers in December:


Keep up the great work guys!

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