Keeping the Dev Centers Fresh with Social Bookmarking



Last week Chris Slemp from MSDN/TechNet interviewed me and 3 other top bookmarkers about how we use the Social Bookmarking Preview and how we’d like to see it evolve. In this post he also has some interesting stats and analysis on how poeple are using social bookmarking (scroll down for the interviews).

To be honest, I don’t really think about social bookmarking all that hard, it’s become part of my routine (and I’m hoping others in the community start to feel that way as well). I use it for organizing all the great content I produce and manage so it’s pretty easy for me to be in the habit of tagging things.

It’s also made the Dev Centers a lot easier to maintain and keep fresh so I’m loving it. Give it a try, the more you tag things “Visual Basic” the more great content will show up on the Visual Basic Dev Center Community Page through this feed. This allows everyone in the community to see what Visual Basic content is popular anywhere on the web. Pretty cool. Of course there are still features to add and bugs to fix but I think it’s a great preview so far.


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