Ignite Trip Report–Atlanta GA, Sept 26-30



Last week was I was at the Ignite conference in Atlanta and I was responsible for running the Developer Tools track. Let me tell you it was a FUN and crazy week. Here’s a tip when you run a track (content or otherwise): Wear tennis shoes!


    1. The dev track general session with  Scott Hanselman drew over 1200 developers into the room, was live streamed with
      now over 16K views, and  generated a lot of buzz on Twitter
    2. Our track scored highest of the conference! We have a lot of great speakers and content 🙂
    3. Our  booths location was fantastic and centered directly under the huge “Developer” section in the middle of the Microsoft Showcase, with a lot of foot traffic
    4. Our developer audience made up roughly 10% of the 23K attendees representative of  our biggest fans of Microsoft developer tools, particularly Visual Studio & .NET

      General session with Scott Hanselman

      clip_image002 We had 15 jam packed demos and Scott was brilliant, hilarious and very entertaining while showing a whirlwind of practical demos across the Microsoft developer platform. It’s usually hard to please everyone with these overview sessions but he absolutely killed it. For the finale,
      Open Live Writer was published to the Microsoft Store using Centennial Desktop App Converter.

      You can watch the session here:  Review the Microsoft application platform for developers

      Break out Sessions – all on-demand

      Our track consisted of 2 full pre-days, 25 breakouts, 6 theater sessions and 9 interactive labs. Most breakout rooms were filled to capacity and many people were turned away at the door and directed to overflow viewing areas. This is a testament to the popularity and relevance of the sessions and speakers. You can also head to ignite.microsoft.com to see all of the the 718 (!) sessions, but I thought I would make it easy on you and put all the dev track sessions here if you missed them. I bolded my favorites. 🙂 UPDATE 10/10: Check out the decks here.

      1. Access data in .NET Core 1.0 with Entity Framework (Rowan Miller)
      2. Break out of the box with Python (Steve Dower)
      3. Build Angular 2 apps with TypeScript and Visual Studio Code (John Papa)
      4. Build cloud-ready apps that rock with open and flexible tools for Azure (Mikkel Mork Hegnhoj)
      5. Build connected Universal Windows Platform apps with .NET and Visual Studio (Daniel Jacobson)
      6. Build performance-obsessed mobile apps with JavaScript (Jordan Matthiesen)
      7. Create UI automated testing for iOS and Android Mobile Apps with Xamarin Test Cloud (James Montemagno)
      8. Develop, debug and deploy Containerized Applications with Docker (Glen Condron, Steve Lasker)
      9. Dig into C# and Visual Basic code-focused development with Visual Studio (Kasey Uhlenhuth)
      10. Dig into terabytes of your application logs with ad-hoc queries in Application Insights (Rahul Bagaria, Evgeny Ternovsky)
      11. Discuss cross-platform mobile development at Microsoft: Xamarin, Cordova, UWP and C++ (Panel) (John Papa, James Montemagno, Jordan Matthiesen, Ankit Asthana, Daniel Jacobson)
      12. Dive deep into ASP.NET Core 1.0 (Daniel Roth)
      13. Embrace DevOps for your next project with Visual Studio Team Services and HockeyApp (Donovan Brown, Joshua Weber)
      14. Explore cross-platform mobile development end-to-end with Xamarin (James Montemagno, Jason McGraw)
      15. Explore the new, cross-platform .NET Core 1.0 (Rich Lander)
      16. Explore web development with Microsoft ASP.NET Core 1.0 (Daniel Roth)
      17. Get an overview of the .NET Platform (Scott Hunter)
      18. Lead an autonomous DevOps team at Scale: a true story (Matthew Manela, Jose Rady Allende)
      19. Learn debugging tips and tricks for .NET Developers (Kaycee Anderson)
      20. Learn what’s new with Microsoft Visual C++ (Ankit Asthana, Kaycee Anderson)
      21. Manage modern enterprise applications with Microsoft Intune & HockeyApp (Thomas Dohmke, Clay Taylor)
      22. Maximize web development productivity with Visual Studio (Mads Kristensen)
      23. Monitor and diagnose web apps & services with Application Insights & SCOM (Mahesh Narayanan, Victor Mushkatin)
      24. Secure the enterprise with Microsoft Visual Studio Team Services (Rajesh Ramamurthy)
      25. Unlock the essential toolbox for production debugging of .NET Web Applications (Ido Flatow)

      And a few pictures…

      WP_20160927_15_45_43_Pro clip_image001[6] WP_20160929_20_51_04_Pro WP_20160929_12_28_25_Pro WP_20160928_22_32_28_Pro WP_20160927_15_47_33_Pro WP_20160927_15_46_58_Pro

      Thank you everyone for all your hard work making this event a success.


      Beth Massi

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