Silvano Coriani

Principal Program Manager, Azure SQL Database

Silvano Coriani is a Principal Program Manager in Azure SQL Database team. He has 20+ years' experience in application development and database design, troubleshooting and performance tuning. As self-employed first, and then part of SQL CAT and Azure Data engineering teams, he presented at several industry leading conferences and co-wrote several articles on data related topics.

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Improve JDBC application reliability with Azure SQL and connection pooling

A growing number of Azure SQL Database customers are developing new applications in Java using a JDBC driver from Microsoft or a 3rd party. These drivers are providing quite extensive support and covering most of database service capabilities and performance expectations but there are a couple of areas that deserve some attention.

Optimize Azure SQL Upsert scenarios

Customers often need to move a dataset from a source system into a new destination, inserting rows that doesn't exist in a target table and update those that already exists. With this technique, we've been able to reduce the time needed to upsert a dataset of 2M rows against a target table with 30M rows from 20 hours to 20 minutes.