Josh Love

Senior Software Engineer, Azure SDK

Josh works on the Azure SDK team building .NET libraries. He primarily focuses on the Service Bus and Event Grid libraries.

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What’s new in the Azure Functions Tables extension for .NET **Beta**

Azure Functions Tables extension now are available in a new Beta package called Microsoft.Azure.WebJobs.Extensions.Tables. Like the other new Azure Functions extensions for Storage, Event Hubs, and Service Bus, the new Tables extension supports integration with Azure.Identity.

Introducing Azure Identity support in the Azure Functions SignalR extension **Beta**

Azure Identity support has arrived in the Azure Functions SignalR Service extension's 1.7.0 Beta 1 release.

Introducing the new Azure Function Extension Libraries **Beta**

New Beta release of the Azure Function Extension for Storage, Event Hubs, Service Bus, and Event Grid.

Announcing the new Azure Event Grid Client Libraries

New major release of the Azure Event Grid packages for .NET, Java, Python, and JavaScript/TypeScript.