Brian Terlson

Principal Software Architect, Azure Developer Experience

Brian Terlson works at Microsoft on the things that he loves most: JavaScript, open source, and standards. Brian primarily works on Azure developing libraries for Azure services and making Azure the best platform for developers. He also helps design the ECMAScript language, represents Microsoft at Ecma's TC39 meetings, and serves as co-chair of the committee.

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Async Iterators in the Azure SDK for JavaScript/TypeScript

A common feature in cloud APIs is paging for list results. Result sets may be massive - you could have thousands of blobs in a container, for example. Getting all results at once can cause delays in transmission and excessive load on the backend. We'll show you how the Azure SDK handles this issue.

How to use abort signals to cancel operations in the Azure SDK for JavaScript/TypeScript

Cancelling in-progress network operations is critical for applications to maintain responsiveness and avoid doing work that isn't needed anymore. There are many situations where you want to cancel on-going work. This article shows you how it is done.