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A Year in Visual Studio App Center Test

(image)     Our team is proud of what we brought you with Visual Studio App Center’s physical device testing service in 2018, which included greatly exceeding 3,000 physical devices in our lab, same-day operating system updates for iOS/Android, and seamless upgrades from Xamarin Test Cloud to App Center. If automated UI testing ...
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Announcing Extension-less XCUITest Support in Visual Studio App Center Test for iOS 12

Each year Apple releases a new version of  iOS and the App Center team works tirelessly to support it in our device lab. Keeping this tradition App Center is pleased to announce launch day support for iOS 12 in App Center.
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Visual Studio App Center Test: Android 9 Pie Support, 3000+ Real Devices, Improved Test Notifications and More

We are excited to announce App Center has same-day Test framework and device support for Android P. If automated UI testing is not already part of your development pipeline, App Center can help.
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Continuous Quality: Ship Better Apps Faster with Visual Studio App Center

Think about one of your mobile apps... How often do you publish updates to it? A couple of times per year? Quarterly? Monthly, bi-weekly? Every day? Multiple times per day? No! That's crazy, right? Or is it? Some world-class app engineering teams are able to consistently release their apps weekly or every two weeks at high quality. How do ...
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Visual Studio App Center: The Next Generation of Xamarin Test Cloud

Today at Microsoft Connect(); we announced the launch of Visual Studio App Center, the next generation of Xamarin Test Cloud. App Center brings the power of Xamarin Test Cloud combined with ability to build, distribute, monitor and integrate push notifications- all in one place. Get all the features you use and love today in Xamarin Test Cloud...