Announcing Visual Studio App Center Integration with PlayFab: Better Tools For Better Player Engagement



In January of 2018 Microsoft announced the acquisition of PlayFab, a complete backend of services for building and growing cloud connected games. Seeing that Visual Studio App Center and PlayFab shared common goals, and complimentary services, we started looking for ways we could offer a shared experience to bring greater value and new capabilities to our customers. Today we are excited to announce a preview release of our first steps into that shared offering, bringing App Center diagnostics data into PlayFab. Now, you have even more rich data at your disposal as you manage and monitor your game.

Integrating your App to PlayFab

To gain access to the preview, sign up for a free PlayFab account if you do not have one and email Once enabled create a new title, or select an existing one in the PlayFab Game Manager. Under Add-ons select and install App Center. Next select and authorize the apps in App Center you want to connect to your PlayFab title.

Once complete, crash data will appear in the new Diagnostics tab under your title in PlayFab, showing frequency over time, a list of the crashes and additional details Selecting an individual crash will take you back to App Center to get full stack trace, affected devices and all other details available in App Center today. For more full details on getting things set up, you can follow our getting started docs.

More Still to Come

This work is only the beginning of the partnership between App Center and PlayFab. Coming next, we are working on per-player crash reporting and integration with PlayStream events. This will enable you to react to crashes affecting players in real-time, segment them into groups, create targeted messaging, extend promotional offers, grant virtual in-app currency and more. All of this to mitigate issues and create better engagements with your users.

We are just getting started and would love to hear your feedback on what you would like to see next. You can always reach out via the chat icon in the App Center Portal or message us @VSAppCenter. Finally, if you are attending GDC come by the Microsoft booth, say hi to the App Center & PlayFab teams and learn more about what is yet to come.


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